Thursday, November 8, 2012

An excerpt from -THE LAST CHECKPOINT

Right now I needed to finish a job for a client. The romance novel cover photos I shot for a publisher last Thursday needed changes. The client wanted the female model to have green eyes, so I made her eyes green. Longer hair, no problem. I can adjust the lighting with Photoshop and of course they always want me to change the model’s cup size - up. 

For this latest Steampunk themed cover shot, I posed the beautiful young Victorian woman in the arms of what I’d call a hunky geek. In one of his hands I’d placed a LeMat revolver and in the other, a swooning Lori Armbruster. My raven-haired female model wore a riveted leather and velvet corset over several diaphanous silk petticoats. AndrĂ©, the muscular, blonde male model was dressed in an Australian Bush Coat, opened at the chest of course, with no shirt underneath. A pair of brass rimmed goggles were pushed up on his forehead. I had my makeup artist add a little grime on both their faces since this was set in the age of steam engines. I’d shot it on a green screen so the publisher’s graphics people could drop them into a photo composite background illustration for the book cover. That was all great, except now they didn’t want the woman’s face to be grimy, so I had to electronically touch up her complexion because they’re too cheap to pay for a reshoot. I love my job!

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