Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another peek inside "The Naked Groom" 2/11/2012

"Wait a minute." I stepped back, "Did you come all the way over here because you had an argument with your Dado?  I can see you're hurting right now, Tiffany."
"I'm just so mad at him right now.  Would you mind if I stay here tonight?"
 "I've got shampoo in my eyes.  Can you wait here while I rinse it off in the shower?"
I had to work at the Cafe tomorrow and Saturday was another stint at the studio.  If I could get her to go home tonight, I'd make it to work at the cafe, and Sophia's for another modeling session.  If Tiffany didn't leave, it would to be impossible to call Sophia ahead of time without blowing my cover. 
I dried off and put on my terrycloth robe.  Tiffany was curled up on my sofa crying into one of the cushions.  I took this opportunity and brewed some chamomile tea to calm her down. 
"By the way," She called from the living room, "Where's Leadbutt?" she'd composed herself when I mentioned taking her out to eat.  She'd propped herself up and drank her tea.
"His name's Lardass.  Remember, I took him to my mother's.  She's going to keep him for a while?"
We sat at the kitchen table, where she finished her tea.
"Tell me what your dad did to make you so mad."
"He told me you sleep with your dog and golf like a girl, ...and he doesn't think I should marry you.  He thinks because you have long hair, you must be secretly gay or at the very least, bisexual.  He says you're not one of our kind... he thinks you're a bad influence."
"He just doesn't know me yet, and I can't help the way I play golf."