Monday, November 12, 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

An excerpt from -THE LAST CHECKPOINT

Right now I needed to finish a job for a client. The romance novel cover photos I shot for a publisher last Thursday needed changes. The client wanted the female model to have green eyes, so I made her eyes green. Longer hair, no problem. I can adjust the lighting with Photoshop and of course they always want me to change the model’s cup size - up. 

For this latest Steampunk themed cover shot, I posed the beautiful young Victorian woman in the arms of what I’d call a hunky geek. In one of his hands I’d placed a LeMat revolver and in the other, a swooning Lori Armbruster. My raven-haired female model wore a riveted leather and velvet corset over several diaphanous silk petticoats. AndrĂ©, the muscular, blonde male model was dressed in an Australian Bush Coat, opened at the chest of course, with no shirt underneath. A pair of brass rimmed goggles were pushed up on his forehead. I had my makeup artist add a little grime on both their faces since this was set in the age of steam engines. I’d shot it on a green screen so the publisher’s graphics people could drop them into a photo composite background illustration for the book cover. That was all great, except now they didn’t want the woman’s face to be grimy, so I had to electronically touch up her complexion because they’re too cheap to pay for a reshoot. I love my job!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pro photographer and volunteer firefighter, Ben DeCastro drives in sports car rallies on weekends.  He discovers an abandoned rally car in the California desert. The authorities discover a headless corpse in the trunk. As a firefighter, Ben joins in the search for the missing drivers.  His life veers off course when his own car is stolen and fingerprints of the missing drivers are found on his garage door.  The FBI looks at Ben as a suspect. This hurts his professional reputation, and cramps his dating efforts with the women in his building.  An assortment of friends and neighbors try to help him with his circumstances, but cause more problems in the process.

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ISBN 978-1-301-12352-0