Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some more about me - the author

Writing fiction is not easy - but it is fun. I get to make up stories from thin air or tell stories I've had in my heart and mind for years. Then I get to share them with you.

Over time, I've created a line of clipart for Commodore 64/128 computers and PC, a couple of cartoon strips for local newspapers and magazines, and together with my wife, created and sold a line of humorous greeting cards all over the United States and in Europe.   Through dumb luck, I didn't offend anyone (too much). We did get into a couple of dozen newspapers including USA Today and did TV interviews in California and Florida.  The greeting cards lasted about 4 years, the clipart about 6 years and we were ready to move on to something else.

My first 2 E-novels are "THE NAKED GROOM" a romantic comedy written from the guy's point of view and "SOMETHING'S COOKING AT DOVE ACRES" a young adult novel with mysterious goings on.

Watch for my next two books tentatively titled "DOWNSHIFTING" a humorous mystery story involving sports car rallies.  Next comes "INSINCERE" a romantic comedy about a young woman who thinks she can create a bullet-proof life plan for herself and a yet-to-be-named mate.

In the next couple of years - a book about a young boy's adventures in an exotic country as the child of a civilian contractor.

There are many more ideas that have not been outlined yet, but I hope you'll read all my stories and check out my design and artwork at

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